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Crock Pot Roast

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

This time of years calls for warm meals! Switching many meals to focus on in season foods is not just about comfort it's more sustainable! Eating foods in season are higher in nutritional value, usually grown closer to your home = supporting a local farmer + cost less too. If you're into caring about the environment...this is a huge way to make a difference! #eatlocal

Foods being trucked from afar are usually higher in price & lose nutritional value. Now this doesn't mean you shouldn't buy tropical fruit in the dead of winter but being aware of why focusing on eating seasonally picked foods will help you, your family and our planet!

Winter foods = warming foods. Carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, squashes, beats, mushrooms & citrus fruit are "winter foods". These are foods higher in complex carbs = fuller longer

Here is a great place to check what is in season in your neck of the woods - What's in Season? Produce Calendars for All 50 States - Farm Flavor.

Remember if you buy from Mexico (or Florida) - what's in season there is different, not bad! Using our world market is an incredible tool we should use!

Great options to preserve your nutrient dense local picks = freezing, canning, pickling or dehydrating. We like to do a variety, stocking the freezer w/berries for smoothies all winter is dirt cheap, delicious & most importantly nutritious!

The picture to the left is my baby bird & I harvesting cherries @thegorgewhitehouse in #hoodriver oregon, a family favorite. You can get a hard cider (they use their own grown fruit) & enjoy harvesting w/a buzz! Best u-pick ever! - Home | The Gorge White House

Picture to the right is me shoveling snow with a mama and baby moose on the family homestead. I grew up on moose meat, I prefer it over cow. Wild game is easier for me to digest than beef as well. Moose in general are incredible creates. Tasty is a bonus. Know where your food comes from people, it matters!

Ok enough about #seasonalfoods & our life, below is a #familyfavoriterecipe that is also a #onepotmeal. Making clean up time easy 'peasy!

Pro Tip* Brown on medium high heat all sides of roast in season cast iron skillet before putting in crock pot.

*Vegan Tip: Sub roast w/4lbs mushrooms (halved), I rarely eat red meat so I + mushrooms to ensure everyone in our home is happily nourished.

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