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Poor Mans Lobster

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Our balance to this world includes harvesting as much as we can. From our home state, Alaska to our favorite place the Columbia Gorge, we prioritize gilling our freezers. Making memories, creating a connection with our daughter is the way we want her to know love. She LOVES to fish too!

To the right is from our last Halibut trip out of Homer, Alaska. Little paddle, but truthfully the larger the halibut the grosser it taste. Below is salmon going for a "smoke break."

Fish can get old, but we try and use what we have. This recipes is just a simple, and easily tweaked, as I'll use whatever I have left in the fridge.

+2T Curry & 2 jalapenos if you prefer a little spice in your life!

As always keep it real y'all! Now go get yourself some local in season foods.

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