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Immune Boosting hot toddy

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Exploring & enjoying good foods especially with my loved ones in nature is how I unwind a bit. Adding a hot toddy on a cold day of exploring, recharged me in so many ways!

In the picture to the left we are at #mamaloose state park. It was a great spot to bring a packed lunch and stomp around. Here in the Columbia Gorge it's panoramic views for miles! When it's rainy in our neck of the woods, usually just a 45min drive up the river leads to drier land.

On rainy or snowy days (when were back in AK, it can get painfully chilly) cold & flu bugs run ramped. Less sunshine + more indoor time wreaks havoc on our immune function. Factor in stress to that & hello sickness!

Drinking this hot beverage not only helps support your immune system, it's comforting as well. Add a healthy amount of booze now you also have a relaxant. That's as close to perfection as you can get my friends!

Below ingredients include fresh squeezed lemon juice, raw honey + cinnamon, a trio of antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory.

FUN FACT - Did you know cinnamon comes from a tree...the tree bark to be specific. Research has shown that cinnamon is a great supporter for #hearthealth too.

Even whiskey has nutritional value...yeah you heard that right whiskey can be healthy...of course in moderation (the hard part of anything good). Whiskey contains a high concentrated amounts of ellagic acid, a known antioxidant. This reason & for its power to dilate you blood vessels.

Enough is enough, here is a personal favorite recipe. Enjoy by a fire or in nature, Cheers!

*For a spicy option + 1t freshly grated ginger root (also a #antiimflammatory & #antimicrobial PLUS #potassium)


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