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Updated: May 24

Let's talk about "sports drinks". Most drinks in this category are filled with shit that is making you sicker & someone else richer. These usually contain the street legal form of cocaine = corn syrup, or my coloring. #nonnutrientfood

**READ THE INGREDIENTS LABELS, please for your own health & wellness. **

Speaking of health & wellness, with the sun deciding it's going to give a solid effort here in the #PNW at trying to kill all things, I decided to experiment (in my a/c cooled kitchen) with making an electrolyte beverage myself. No bs. The idea sports drinks are aiming for is good but could be more efficient. Nutrient dense is crucial for optimal function.

Our bodies need more than just water when exerting a lot of energy. I won't get too nerdy here but even the "water" we drink (unless you're on a well) is lacking so many minerals, it already isn't supporting your basal functions properly let alone functioning while you work under a ball of FIRE. I won't go down the water rabbit hole today, but I will say if you haven't drank well water in a while or ever...try a glass, I bet you'll be shocked at the taste.... MINERALS!

Back to the topic at hand, there are many liquids that are loaded with electrolytes but for this purpose I used coconut water. It doesn't take much plus it smooths out the acidic flavor well & it's loaded with nutrients, hello potassium!

Other #cleaningrediets include, oranges, lemon (hello vitamin c), 100% real maple syrup (calcium , manganese & MORE potassium) + raw honey (immune support baby!).

You can reduce the raw honey or maple syrup if you prefer a less sweet flavor, however they aren't in this beverage merely to sweeten it up, but to get many minerals & glucose into your thirsty body ASAP. So don't omit completely. #notallsugarisbad

There are many great sources for sugar. Corn syrup & cane sugar have NO nutrient value..... so PLEASE choose the good stuff.

Fun Fact: If you're not feeding your body nutrients, it will fight like hell to get it (even if that means it has to steal it from your bones or muscles) so do yourself a favor & nourish yourself. Don't make your body be a thief.

* If you need a reminder here it is, don't treat yourself like a loser & expect to be a winner. *

Ok enough about all that....below is my healthy #electrolytedrink recipe. Cheers!


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